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Nefromed Centers

Nefromed Dialysis Centers are located within large, lit, warmly painted spaces in order to make our patients feel at home, a feeling which our whole medical team tries to confer.
On the whole, all our clinics are organized to welcome the patients in a nice reception room with soft and comfortable sofas and chairs where the patients may rest before they start their treatment or the persons accompanying them can wait for them. The beautiful paintings on the walls, the richness of colored flowers on the reception desk and coffee tables, as well as the big LCD screen in the reception which allows listening to relaxing music or watching the latest news contribute to the pleasant, warm and home-like atmosphere in all our clinics.

After being welcomed in the reception room, our patients are guided to their cloak-rooms, separated for women and men, all of them being equipped with lockable closets where the patients may leave their personal belongings during their treatment. The bathrooms next to the cloakrooms allow the patients to take a shower either before or after their treatment, as they please.  

The dialysis rooms are also large, lit and open and are divided into two different categories: rooms for patients bearing negative hepatic virus and rooms for patients bearing positive hepatic virus.

The rooms are equipped with comfortable dialysis beds, every bed having its own TV set and headphones, so that the patients’ comfort is higher and the medical activity can be performed in optimum conditions.
The hemodialysis treatments can be performed within the best conditions also due to the fresh air and air conditioning systems in all our clinics, as well as to the thermal system which provides a constant temperature in the clinic and dialysis rooms, during the whole year, no matter the season.

Performing the dialysis treatment safely, even in less favorable conditions, is possible due to the buildings which are provided with spare water tanks for when the local water supply is interrupted, as well as with own electric power generators for times when electric power brakes may occur.

The last generation dialysis machines belonging to world-wide famous producers of such equipment, such as GAMBRO or FRESENIUS, together with all the other devices and machines of the latest generation, they all contribute to performing the dialysis treatment at the highest standards of medical quality.

All the Nefromed Dialysis Clinics are equipped with emergency kits and devices such as: ionometer, defibrillator, vital function monitor, EKG, portable vacuum cleaner, oxygen devices, emergency kits with Ruben balloon and Guedel pipes.

During their treatment, the patients are provided with a meal which strictly respects the medical diet recommended by our nutritional nurses and meets the patients’ medical needs.  
The patients’ transport from home to the clinic and backwards is performed by specialized companies, with comfortable cars and vehicles, all equipped with air conditioning and being authorized by the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Health to transport such patients.

The patients of all Nefromed Dialysis Clinics are continuously supervised and advised by our professional medical staff, who have a long and rich experience in dialysis services, and who are trained nephrologists, psychologists, nurses, technical engineers, auxiliary personnel, receptionists and  office managers.

All the dialysis clinics of Nefromed Dialysis Centers are authorized by the Ministry of Health, medically approved and authorized by the local Public Health Authorities and they conduct their activity according to the contracts concluded with the National Health Insurance Fund.

Our dialysis clinics perform treatments everyday between 7 am and 11 pm, from Monday to Saturday.